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Not qualified… the computer says so! You CAN break through in 4 easy steps.

Sorry you're not qualified.
Sorry you’re not qualified.

Have we become so volatile?  Where has humanity gone?

Unanimously job seekers are becoming more and more frustrated.  While companies spend thousands of dollars on software intelligence to whisk through the mounds of applications and resumes… has the compromise of a human touch really paid off?

So how do job seekers break through the AI (artificial intelligence) barrier?

Here are 4 steps to get that interview:

  1. Do research using analytics for your industry.
  2. Use keywords from analytics about the type of position you are looking for.
  3. When you find that job you want, do your research on the company.  Look for clues and keywords.
  4. Use the information in your resume and online application, don’t forget about that VERY important cover letter.

“Stay focused my friend” and “Good luck”.


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