The Storm Within the Calm

Hang in there… “Good things come to those who wait!”

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As with anything, a job search has its peaks and valleys. Sometimes things will be so hectic that you will have 3 interviews in one week. Other times, it will get so slow, you wonder why they posted the job in the first place if there’s no urgency to fill it! The valleys, or the crevices, are the hardest – you have to sit idly by while someone else decides your future – to shortlist or not to shortlist; to interview or not to interview. This is what is called Paranoid Panic Mode or PPM for short (it’s not really a thing, I just made it up.) This is when you send out resumes and a few weeks go by without you hearing a thing. Not just the usual radio silence, but the kind of silence that makes you think your e-mail is not working properly, or your computer is broken…

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